Empowerment though... Boudoir Photography

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Photography is authentic and timeless. Some photos capture a focus in its most natural state. Some photos are strategically orchestrated. Boudoir is a type of photography traditionally taken in a woman’s bedroom or other intimate setting. Boudoir is aimed to be free of poses and instinctive. The women in boudoir photos are typically partially naked or in lingerie. The style is romantic, intimate, and sometimes erotic.  

This conventional style of photography has simply become the groundwork of this blossoming art.


Welcome to TODAY where the boudoir photography is to empower women to feel strong, beauty, and sexy. Women can wear whatever makes them feel fabulous. The setting has gone beyond the bedroom and into endless masterpiece that is the outdoors! Mountains, wildflowers, beaches, ferns, blue sky, sunset glow; all illuminating a breathtaking boudoir model. Don’t worry about posing; your photographer will intuitively capture you in your most naturally flawless moments. You will be amazed.

Without hesitation, my boudoir photography experience was just that.

I never felt at my most confident in a swimsuit, or anything even moderately risky. Before this shoot, I had never had a professional photography session. Sure, I had modeled for friends aspiring to practice. But I went into this experience surprisingly intrigued and ready for anything. My photos were taken in Downtown Bozeman at Nectar Organic Skin Care Studio early in the morning when the light was still softly embellishing the room. The studio was simple, elegant, and had the warm “home” feeling.

Imagine; soft light glow, blonde curls, crystal drop earrings, pearls, black lace. . . Talk about dreamy!

Go figure, I did feel a bit awkward at first. I was used to be told how to look, how to pose, or which emotion to express. Taken the reigns during this shoot was a challenge. But again, pretty intriguing.

I wanted to continually look in a nearby mirror to check how I looked. Should I go for a cute/fun look? Serious and sexy? Mix of both?


One thing became immediately obvious, I had a hard time NOT smiling at the camera. I felt more natural and more like myself when I’d giggle, let out a laugh, or focused on relaxing and taking in each moment. Once the initial few minutes pasted, I felt a peacefulness to continue the shoot. And I am so glad I did.

For the rest of the day, I felt as if I was glowing! I wanted to tell every woman about my photo experience. How encouraged I felt. How rewarding it was. How I would highly recommend anyone trying a Boudoir shoot. The invisible shell I had covering my self esteem slowly began to crack. This freedom is one too many are missing.

After seeing the final photos in their unedited raw sense, my schema changed. I carefully monitored every word out of my mouth, recognizing what was encouraging to my body or someone else's’, and what may cause myself or another to seek out a reassurance. I paid more attention to what made my body feel healthy and loved.

Cherish your body. Never underestimate how wildly capable you are. Appreciate everything your body does for you. Listen to your body. Be kind to it, with your words and actions. Rejoice at every little unique and valuable trait. After all, you’re one badass babe.

All photo credit to Devin Helen Boudoir Photography. Check out her amazing work and read more about her mission through Boudoir at https://www.devinhelenboudoir.com/blog

Words by Alexa Safranek.

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