Board of Babes

These are the ladies behind the scenes that help make Bridger Babes work.


Chloe Nostrant // Executive Director

Growing up the shores of Lake Erie and the vast landscapes of Montana gave Chloe a unique mix of outdoor experiences. She has packed mules for hunting outfitters, taught ski instructing, worked on controlled burns, helped plant poplar tree plantation, and done a photo project on the Lake Erie Water Snake. She is a senior in the photography option at MSU and currently works at the Yellowstone Angler in Livingston as well as doing various graphic design and photo jobs. Her main love is fly fishing though she also spends time hunting, skiing, biking and creating art.


Kaycee Gilbert // Assistant Director

Kaycee grew up riding horses on the southern Colorado prairie, before moving to upstate New York for college and learning to embrace all things snow. She got her bachelor’s in Biology from St. Lawrence University, and in the last few years has worked as an assistant ornithologist, porcupine tracker, gardener, goat-farmer, and English tutor (to name a few), but since moving to Bozeman has rapidly devolved into a full time ski-bum. Asides from skiing in the Bridgers, she loves rock climbing, traveling to new places, horseback riding, and searching for perfect swimming holes in mountain lakes and rivers. She joined Bridger Babes in the hopes of finding some more fun and inspirational ladies to explore with.